JCSG 2016 Full Program

The Edge
State Library of Queensland
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

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Monday 26th September


Registration (Foyer)


Conference Opening

Professor Paul Mazerolle


Keynote (Auditorium)

Tracy Fullerton

Slow Play: Imagining the Serious Worlds of Walden and The Night Journey


Novel Play & Interactions (Auditorium)

Competitive vs Affiliative Design of Immersive VR Exergames

Kiran Ijaz, Yifan Wang, David Milne, and Rafael A. Calvo

Augmented Reality and Gamification in Heritage museums (short)

Ramy Hammady, Minhua Ma, and Nicholas Temple

Rhythmic Entrainment in Games

Brigid Mary Costello

Workshop 1: Matthew Lee

The Art and Science of Serious Game Development

(Innovation Lab)


Coffee / Tea


Playing with Science & Nature (Auditorium)

Exploring the value of simulations in plant health in the developing world

Michael Thompson, Philip Taylor, Robert Reeder, Ulrich Kuhlmann, Cara Nolan, Jonathan Mason, and Joshua Hall

Reality Reaching into Games – Weather as a Dynamic Link to Real-World Streams of Information

Dale Patterson and Scott Roberts

Game Science or Games and Science? Towards an Epistemological Understanding of Use of Games in Scientific Fields

Moozhan Shakeri, Richard Kingston, and Nuno Pinto


Lunch: Posters*


Panel (Auditorium)

Beyond Serious Games: is the term serious games an inhibitor to our wider acceptance and does it really capture everything we do? 

Keynote, Invited Speakers & Guests. Moderated by Catherine Beavis.


Games for Health, Well-Being & Accessibility (Auditorium)

Using Twine as a Therapeutic Writing Tool for Creating Serious Games

Katryna Starks, Dakoda Barker, and Alayna Cole

Building Social Awareness for Teens and Young Adults with Autism via Gamification

Valerie Gay, Peter Leijdekkers, and Allan Pooley

Using mobile-based games as a means for the self-treatment of depression and anxiety in youth (short)

Scott Cabot and Brett Wilkinson

Design for Happiness – Positive Psychology Through Social Media Games (short)

Dale Patterson

Crowdsourcing, Communities and Social Identities: Using Citizen Science to Combat Online Toxicity

Matthew D. Lee

Workshop 2:
Caleb Lewis

Bardcraft and General Wordsmithery for Serious Games

(Innovation Lab)


Coffee / Tea


Tools, Design & Development (Auditorium)

Framing Activity-Based Narrative in Serious Games Play-grounds through Objective and Motive

Tim Marsh and Bonnie Nardi

A Concurrent Think Aloud Study of Engagement and Usability in a Serious Game (short)

Geoffrey Hookham, Bridgette Bewick, Frances Kay-Lambkin, and Keith Nesbitt

The RAGE Software Asset Model and Metadata Model

Georgiev, A. Grigorov, B. Bontchev, P. Boytchev, K. Stefanov, Bahreini, E. Nyamsuren, W. van der Vegt, W. Westera, R. Prada, Paul Hollins, and Pablo Moreno


Invited Speaker (Auditorium)

Jon Weinbren

Games with Meaning and Consequence


Conference Dinner

Tuesday 27th September


Keynote Introduction (Auditorium)

Professor Herman Van Eyken


Keynote (Auditorium)

Sara De Freitas

The Efficacy of Gamification: Motivation, Flow and Feedback


Education, Learning & Training – Session 1 (Innovation Lab)

Serious Games to Develop Social and Emotional Learning in Students

Victor Lim-Fei, Huey Ming Woo, and Ming Yew Lee

A Propriety game-based learning game as learning tool to learn Object-oriented programming paradigm (short)

Yoke Seng Wong, Mohamad Yatim Maizatul Hayati, and Wee Hoe Tan

Reflection on Assumptions from Designing Female-Centric Educational Games

Corey D.C. Heath, Tyler Baron, Kevin Gary, and Ashish Amresh

Workshop 3:
Chris Murphy

Introduction to VR Development (Mezzanine)


Coffee / Tea


Education, Learning & Training – Session 2 (Innovation Lab)

Super Alpha: Arabic Alphabet Learning Serious Game for Children with Learning Disabilities

Jailan Salah, Slim Abdennadher, Caroline Sabty, and Yomna Abdelrahman

Creating Authentic Experiences within a Serious Game Context: Evaluation of Engagement and Learning

Joshua Hall, Peta Wyeth, and Daniel Johnson

Exploring Play-Learners’ Analytics in a Serious Game for Literacy Improvement

Shamus P. Smith, Daniel Hickmott, Erica Southgate, Ross Bille, and Liz Stephens

The Use of Game World Tasks Concepts in Higher Education (short)

Renée Schulz, Andreas Prinz, and Ghislain Maurice N. Isabwe

Exploring Emotion Representation to Support Dialogue in Police Training on Child Interviewing

Maria Margoudi, Jennefer Hart, Anne Adams, and Manuel Oliveira


Invited Speaker (Innovation Lab)

Ben Schouten

Playful Empowerment, the Role of Game Design Innovation in Participatory Citizenship


Exhibition Opening

Professor Ross Woodrow


Lunch: Exhibition, Demos, Posters* & Networking (Auditorium)

Exhibition: Art for Purpose

La Petite Mort

Andrea Hasselager and Patrick Jarnfelt


Daniel Galbraith and Sean Fitzpatrick

Blown Away (Sydney 365, 2014)

Brigid Mary Costello

Coming Through

Andi Spark

Arty Swirly Colourful

Thomas Hanley

VR-Rides: Interactive VR Games for Health

Kiran Ijaz, Yifan Wang, David Milne, and Rafael A. Calvo

VR Immersive Slow Reef Experience

Tim Marsh, Nathan Jenson, Whitney Constantine, and Elliot Miller

A Game of Horseshoes for the Ineffectual Martyr 0.2

Madeleine Boyd and Jason Haggerty


Tyson Foster


Conference close

Serious Games: Second Joint International Conference, JCSG 2016, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, September 26–27, 2016, Proceedings

This book constitutes the proceedings of the Second Joint International Conference on Serious Games, JCSG 2016, held in Brisbane, QLD, Australia, in September 2016. This conference bundles the activities of the International Conference on Serious Games Development and Applications, SGDA, and the Conference on Serious Games, GameDays.

The total of 36 full papers and 5 short papers was carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers were organized in topical sections named: health, well-being and accessibility; education, learning and training; science, nature and heritage; design, development and analysis; poster papers; exhibits.

Available through Springer

* JCSG 2016 List of Conference Posters

Szu-Ming Chung, Chun-Tsai Wu and Tzu-Yun Maggie Chen. Cross-Domain Interactive Composition in Music

Jan Kruse, Stephen Reay, Andrew Denton and Gregory Bennett. Virtual MRI Experience for Children

Briony Wainman. Choose your own (Uni) Adventure: Serious games that prepare students for the realities of university

Andrew Chiou. Classification of Isometric Playing Fields and Arenas in Geomorphic Tabletop Wargames

Maneerat Rumsamrong and Andrew Chiou. A Conflict Resolution Intelligent System for Informed Strategy Expert (CRISIS-Expert)